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Swamp's Capture the Flag Tournament

Introduction to the CTF tournament

The CTF (Capture the Flag) tournament allows teams of Swamp players to compete for a cash prize. The tournament is considered a game of skill. A valid Kaldobsky gamer account is required to play Swamp online, but account fees are not used to fund the tournament prize. Team captains were pulled from the participants of the 'players verse bots' contest, and were allowed to select their 3 teammates by whichever method they saw fit. Future tournaments may not select team captains in this way, so be sure to check back here for the specific rules and setup those tournaments will use.

Tournament rules

This is a single elimination tournament consisting of 16 players divided into 4 teams.
The teams and players are already established for this tournament, so player substitutions will almost certainly not be permitted.
Up to (and including) Sunday June 7th, the 4 teams are responsible for playing an official match against one of the other teams. They must decide a day and time where all 8 players will be able to participate.
When the server sees a CTF match launch that contains all 4 players from 2 official teams (correctly separated onto the same color teams), it will record the game and consider it an official match.
Each of the 4 teams begins at tier #1. The server will only consider a CTF to be an official match if the 2 teams are on the same tier.
After 2 teams have held an official game, the losing team is knocked out of the tournament and the winning team is elevated to the next tier. This means a team who has already won a match cannot officially play against a team who has not yet won a match of their own. With 4 starting teams, 2 matches will result in 2 teams being knocked out of the tournament, and 2 teams each elevated to tier #2. The final 2 teams can then play a final match to determine who is the winner of the tournament.
If an official match is currently being recorded by the server, the remaining players must wait before playing their own match. The server is currently only able to record one official match at a time. This will likely be changed in the future.
The prize money will be divided evenly between the 4 players of the winning team, and will be distributed to the paypal addresses each player has on record from the purchase of their Kaldobsky Gamer account.
For convenience, and to some extent legal reasons, I (Aprone) do not want to be stuck holding onto anyone's winnings after the tournament ends. I will distribute the prizes to the paypal addresses I have on record so that I don't have to spend time tracking people down, asking where to send it.
When logged into the Kaldobsky.com website, the account section will show you what paypal address is currently linked to your account. The address is written as 'Original payment Email'. If it is vitally important for a tournament player to have their paypal address changed, they will need to contact me through email so I can update the records. Once the tournament ends and I send out the prize money, I will NOT help anyone who realizes their paypal address was not what they wanted it to be. This is a situation that may occur when a friend or relative purchased your gamer account for you, and therefore their paypal address is the one prize money would be sent to.
If, for some unforeseen reason, I end up with unclaimed/undeliverable prize money, it will be rolled over and used as prize money for the next tournament. Under no conditions will unclaimed/undelivered prize money be kept by me for my own personal use.
Myself and the members of my household (my wife Neptune and 2 cats Lily and Emma) are not permitted to compete in any CTF tournaments due to conflict of interest... and being cats.

Prize money

The current CTF tournament prize is $140, and may continue to grow until the final day of the tournament.

I was contacted by people who wished to donate some of their own money to go toward the CTF prize. If you happen to be one of these generous sorts of people, I'm sure the winners of the next CTF tournament will appreciate a larger prize.

Please note, this donation section is only meant for the CTF tournament. Any money donated in this way will go directly into the prize pot to be won by players:

The current teams

Texas ghosts
Team captain Phantom, Blade19, Golden77, and Jim

The Howlers
Team captain Wolf, Careless, Kane, and Ezkilla

Los Chavos
Team captain Alexmarango, Corona, TheReborn, and Pato

The Underdogs
Team captain Backster, Masterrage, Wolfia, and Uno

To contact me:

You can send an email to Jeremy@Kaldobsky.com