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What is it?

A Kaldobsky Gamer Account is an online ID (identification). It is a way for my game servers to know who you are, and to know that you are welcome to join in on games.

The Gamer Account is your ticket to playing my games online. All of my games have a demo or single-player mode that you can use for free, with no restrictions. If you want to play with/against other people, though, you need a Gamer Account. Your single account will allow you access to multi-player mode in *all* of my games - Swamp, Castaways, and any games i release in the future, all for the price of just one Gamer Account.

Why is this necessary?

When online games allow you to sign up with only a name or an email address, those games are very easy for hackers to destroy. Providing an email address is considered a weak identification, which has no weight, because people can easily create as many email accounts as they want. If a troublemaker is removed from one of these games, they can have a brand new email address within minutes, and fool the game into believing they are a brand new person.

Gamer Accounts must be purchased with real money, so someone cannot easily make as many as they wish. This is a much stronger form of identification because the real life cost adds weight to it. If a troublemaker is removed from one of my games, they must pay real money to try to get back in. When cheaters and hackers have to pay real money each time they are caught, it discourages them from ever trying to return.

How much does it cost?

A Kaldobsky Gamer Account is subscription-based. It costs $24 per year, which works out to just $2 per month. To first create an account, everyone is required to pay for 1 full year. This is also meant to prevent troublemakers from being able to make many new accounts. Note that the price is in American (U.S.) dollars.

How do I get a gamer account?

At the bottom of this page is a paypal button. The first step is to buy an account. Once the payment has been processed (usually within a minute or two), you will automatically be sent an authorization email. Make sure you check your email Spam folder if you don't see the email right away. The email will contain a web link, which takes you to the final step of choosing an account name and filling in the rest of your information.

What if the activation email never comes?

If your activation email never arrives, and you've made sure it isn't in your Spam folder, you can have a new one sent out. At the very bottom of this page is a link to request a new activation email.

For a direct link to where you can request a new activation email, click here.

What is the best time to buy an account?

I will let you in on a little secret. When buying an account, you will always get the amount of time you have paid for (12 months), but you can also get a little extra time for free. The system works on a month by month basis, so when you purchase an account you get remainder of the current month free! As an example, if you are currently halfway through the month and you buy an account, you get the 12 months you paid for, plus an extra half a month. If you are right at the very end of the month, and you are looking to get the most free time squeezed out of your account, it might benefit you to wait a few days until the next month begins. That would get you an entire extra month for free.

How can I change my information later?

Your Account username can not be changed, but all of your other information can be changed. From the account section of the website (here), you are able to change your name, passwords, and email.

What if I don't play for a while?

Your account works on a month-by-month basis. If you don't log into any game for a full month, that month is not counted. So, say you play for three months, then stop playing for two. Even though five months have passed, you used just three and so you still have nine months left in your account. At any time you can check on the status of your account by signing in to www.kaldobsky.com/audiogames/ and clicking on the Account link.

My subscription isn't up yet. Can I pay for another year anyway, or does this one have to expire first?

From the account section of the website (here), you are able to add extra months to your account. Your time does not have to expire in order to add additional time to it.

What happens if my subscription expires?

If the time on your Gamer Account runs out, your account still exists, so don't worry. You will not be able to sign in to my games, but all of your information and game characters will still exist. When you are ready, sign in to the website (here) and go to the Account page. At the bottom of the page you can purchase additional months for your account. Once the payment goes through, you will once again be able to sign in to my games.

What if I want to cancel my subscription early?

All purchases are final. All my games offer full demos, so you can see if you like them enough to play them online or not. If you later decide that the purchase was not worth the money, there is nothing I can do. The good news is that you can simply stop playing, and wait for a game you like. If I come out with a new game in a year, and you still have eleven months remaining (remember that inactive months don't count against you), then you have eleven months of online play for that new game.

Can I buy an account for someone else?

Absolutely! Just complete the normal purchase process and forward the activation email to the other person. They can then complete the registration process on their own. Just remind them to enter their own email address, during the account setup process, so that the website will know where to email lost passwords or other requested information.

Can I pay for someone's re-subscription?

Paying to add time onto someone's existing account would be more difficult. In order to add time to an account, you must first sign into that account on the website (here). The only way for you to add time onto a friend's account would be for that friend to give you their password. This is not recommended, but it is possible among trusted friends.

I forgot my username/password. What do i do?

Click on the Log-in link at the top of the webpage (here). At the bottom of the next page is a link for lost passwords or usernames. Your lost account name, and a new password, will be sent to the email address on record for your account.

For a direct link to the forgotten password page, click here.

You used to offer free games only. What happened?

In a word: hackers. People kept trying to ruin the games for everyone, by cheating, attacking the server, and so on. I hate to make people pay for these games, but my hope is that hackers will find it too pricy to continue their efforts. Each time a hacker is banned, he has to start over with a new account, which will now cost him $24. Just five such accounts will cost him $120, and these guys were creating hundreds of new accounts in their attempts to bring down my games. By having paid accounts, such an attack might well cost in the thousands, which I hope is enough to deter this kind of thing.

Can I get a refund after I purchase a Gamer account?

No. There are no refunds. Do not purchase a Gamer Account unless you are positive that you want one.

What can I do if I have trouble setting up my account?

A dozen testers worked to make sure everything will work as it should, but there is no way to test every possible situation or simulate every possible payment method. If you end up having trouble with your account, please email me and describe what has happened. I will work to correct the problems! You can email me directly at this address: Jeremy@Kaldobsky.com

What happens if I get banned from a game? Will I get a refund for time left on my account?

Keep in mind that the Kaldobsky Gamer Account is really only an ID. If a person were to violate the rules of a game, and get banned from that game, it has no actual affect on their Gamer Account. This is similar to being thrown out of a bar and no longer being welcome. You still have your drivers license, but that particular place will no longer let you in.

There are no refunds for Gamer Accounts. If a troublemaker gets banned from the games they want to play, they will not receive any sort of refund for time remaining on their account.

You should still offer free stuff. I hate you!

Sorry you feel that way, but a paid account system is really the least objectionable of the options open to me. I hate to do this as much as you do, probably more in fact, but it was basically, do this or close down my online games forever.

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